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1 Introduction

Glean is a piece of software that helps you get better at stuff (see Disciplines) through repetition: think katas in martial arts. Like katas, exercices in Glean are only effective for motivated individuals. Finally, whilst it might turn out to be useful in contexts of collective study (schools, unversities, etc.), Glean was primarily designed for self-directed study.

Let’s try to define Glean by what it is not:

On the bright side, Glean…

So, with that out of the way, what characterizes it?

1.1 Using This Manual

This manual is most emphatically meant to be read in the order in which it is presented. Do not get distracted by the wealth of references and links to different concepts and other parts of the manual: those are merely there should you wish to find out more about that particular topic at that instant.

Having said this, by all means, skip sections of the manual that do not seem relevant to your use case.

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